What Makes Our Scuba Diving Instructors the Best

When you choose a scuba diving center, make sure that you do not just prioritize the courses they offer but also the instructors that teach those courses. Professional scuba diving instructors that teach with the best of their abilities are very important for your learning process. This is why Anne Scuba Diving only hires the best.

Let’s look at some of the qualities of the scuba diving instructors at Anne Scuba Diving to make your decision easier.


Our professional instructors are highly passionate about scuba diving. A great scuba diving instructor doesn’t see it just as a job but also as a way of preserving and exploring the marine life. This is what makes our instructors different from others. Because of their own passion, they also encourage the same level of passion in their students. They are enthusiastic about saving the marine life and contributing to the environment.

Super Active and Aware

A great scuba diving instructor has to be really super active since they not only teach the students but also keep an eye on the group at all times. Since Anne Scuba Diving center has many courses especially for kids, we make sure that our instructors are always aware of each student, their surroundings, any possible hazards, making sure that all necessary precautions are being taken.

Excellent Communicator

Divers perform better when they understand the training.  It is essential that when a briefing is given before a dive, instructors are loud and clear so that everything is understood.  Our scuba diving instructors provide step by step instructions and encourage students to ask questions. We make sure that before our students dive in the water, they know everything they need to know.  


It can get monotonous teaching students the same scuba diving skills day after day, however a good instructor doesn’t mind it. Our professionals at Anne Scuba Diving love meeting new people and creating experiences with them hence they never get bored. Not only are they never bored but they are always very patient and accommodating with each and every student.

Follows Proper Scuba Diving Protocol

A good scuba diving professional knows the importance of following proper etiquette once you dive into the ocean. When they come face to face with exotic marine life, they have to be careful as to how they treat it. Our instructors make sure that they do not stand on the coral reef or harm the marine life in any way, and teach the students to do the same.

Adds Tons of Fun

You should be enjoying whatever you do. An instructor who only teaches with the sole intention of doing his job fails to make things fun for the students. We, at Anne Scuba Diving, hire instructors who are fun and easy going. Since many of our courses are directed to kids, our instructors add a bit of humor and playfulness so that they have a good time while learning. We take great pride in having the best scuba diving team. Our scuba diving instructors are skilled and experienced individuals who make scuba diving a whole lot more fun. Contact Anne Scuba Diving to learn more. 

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