Snorkeling / Discover Scuba Birthday Parties

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Snorkeling/ Discover Scuba Birthday Parties

Something different has finally come your way. Birthday Parties for kids of all ages! Let us do all the work to entertain your child and their friends.

An instructor will guide the kids through the basics of diving and the equipment they’ll be using. Kids love blowing bubbles, and we have several games and toys for them to play with underwater.

We schedule 1.5 hours for the party, spending most of it with a safety briefing and pool time.

We provide a friendly instructor and all gears, which include masks and fins. The kids simply bring a swimsuit and a towel. We also take digital photos of your children, a memento they will never forget!

Children of all ages can participate. If your children are between 8 – 12 years old, we can offer a scuba party!

Birthday Party Cost:
  • $300 for up to 6 participants (snorkeling party)/ $600 for up to 4 participants (scuba party)
  • $40 for each additional snorkeling participant
  • $125 for each additional scuba participant
  • $300.00 deposit required to schedule the party


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