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A diving refresher course is simple to fit into your hectic schedule. Watch videos on how to execute fundamental scuba skills and review dive planning and safety procedures using a computer or mobile device whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. You can also set up optional in-water training with a diving professional, then request a new card with your updated “ReActivated” date on it.

Top 3 reasons divers take this course:

1. Safety! It isn’t only about being comfortable, it’s about being safe.

2. The dive operator requires it. Better to do it before you go and not waste vacation time.

3. Fun! It is more enjoyable when you know what you are doing. Do I have enough weight? Am I going up too fast? How do I attach my regulator to my BCD?

Get back in scuba diving with a PADI instructor and practice your skills and check your buoyancy so you don’t feel like a duck out of water!