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As exciting as scuba diving is, it is essential that you learn it in order to make the most out of your experience. Anne Scuba diving is a newly established scuba diving center in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Our team aims to provide a variety of family diving courses, most of which are from the world organized diver organizations.

The courses at Anne Scuba Diving include PADI Bubblemaker course, Seal Team course, Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) course, ReActivate course, Open Water course and Junior Open Water course. Let’s explore these.

PADI Bubblemaker Course

This is our most fun activity with the kids. Children, as old as 8 and above, can dive in shallow water and blow bubbles. With Anne Scuba Diving, you can throw an exciting bubble maker party at your local Anne Scuba Diving dive shop, and invite all your friends and family. With exciting surprises and souvenirs like the kid sized beach towels, logbook, certificate, temporary tattoo, decal and our adorable water toy, we make sure that your kids have the time of their life.

Seal Team Course

This course is perhaps the most comprehensive and fun for kids. The Seal Team course allows young divers to take digital pictures underwater, dive with flashlights, float like an astronaut and so much more. In his fun filled experience, children of ages 8 and above, learn wreck diving, navigation, buoyancy and most importantly environmental awareness.

The course is taught in two sections; part 1 where children are taught the basics of scuba diving like breathing underwater and experiencing weightlessness. Once you are old enough you move to the second part which includes creature identification, search and recovery diving. Once both these parts are completed, the title of Anne Scuba Diving Master Seal Team Member is awarded.

Discover Scuba Diving Course (DSD)

This is your introduction to scuba diving.  If you want to try scuba diving without having to commit to certified program, then this course is for you. Anne scuba diving center offers this course in a pool off the coast or from a dive boat. This course teaches you how to breathe under the water, what are the fundamental of scuba diving and things you get to explore once enrolled in a program. It is definitely the best way to kick start your scuba diving journey. 

ReActivate Course

If you already have scuba diving skills, then a ReActivate course will help you bush up on them. This course will allow you move quickly past the skills that you already have and focus on the parts that require our expertise. It is also highly convenient and will fit right into your busy schedule as you can watch videos and review the dive planning  from anywhere on your devices. An updated ReActivate date on your card will also give you an edge with the dive shops.

Open Water Course

The purpose of this course is to improve your skills and to develop new ones. With the Open Water course you will be completing three specialty dives. You can earn credit towards Anne Scuba diving specialty certificates for every specialty dive you make.

Junior Open Water Course

This is our initial level certification course. It allows divers to learn basic diving vocabulary as well as equips them with practical skills. Once these skills are learnt, these junior divers can showcase them in front of Anne scuba diving professionals in a pool or any water body.

Anne Scuba Diving teaches essential scuba diving skills to both children and adults. We have a variety of course to facilitate your learning at our center. Visit us or contact us to learn more about courses or get enrolled.

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